City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Naracoorte NAC City Naracoorte Airport Australia
Macanal NAD City Macanal Airport Colombia
Naples NAP Custom City Naples International Airport Italy
Napuka Island NAU City Napuka Island Airport France
Barrancominas NBB City Barranco Minas Airport Colombia
Nizhnekamsk NBC Custom City Begishevo Airport Russia
Newcastle NCL Custom City Newcastle Airport United Kingdom
North Kingstown NCO City Quonset State Air Reserve National Guard Helipad USA
Luzon NCP City Cubi Pt NAS Airport Philippines
San Carlos NCR City San Carlos Airport Nicaragua
Nukus NCU Custom City Nukus Airport Uzbekistan
Bandanaira NDA City Bandanaira Airport Indonesia
Ndalatando NDF City Ndalatandos Airport Angola
Namudi NDI City Namudi Airport Papua New Guinea
Sanday NDY City Sanday Airport United Kingdom
Nordholz NDZ Nordholz Airport Germany
Neftekamsk NEF City Neftekamsk Airport Russia
Nefteyugansk NFG City Nefteyugansk Airport Russia
Fallon NFL City NAS Airport USA
Angaha NFO City Mata aho Airport Tonga
Nafoora NFR City Nafoora Airport Libya
Ningbo NGB Custom City Ningbo Lishe International Airport China
Anegada NGD City Captain Auguste George Airport United Kingdom
Nagpur NAG Custom City Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport India
Tahuna NAH City Naha Airport Indonesia
Nakhichevan NAJ Custom City Nakhchivan Airport Azerbaijan
Nadi NAN Custom City Nadi International Airport Fiji
Qaanaaq NAQ City Qaanaaq Airport Denmark
Natal NAT Custom City Augusto Severo International Airport Brazil
Nevsehir NAV City Nevsehir Kapadokya International Airport Turkey
Narathiwat NAW City Narathiwat Airport Thailand
New Orleans NBG Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans USA
Nambucca Heads NBH City Nambucca Heads Airport Australia
Annobon NBN City Annobon Airport Equatorial Guinea
Cana Brava NBV Cana Brava Airport Brazil
Guantanamo NBW City NAS Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Nuevo Casas Grandes NCG City Nuevo Casas Grandes Airport Mexico
Nachingwea NCH City Nachingwea Airport Tanzania
Sunchales NCJ City Sunchales Aeroclub Airport Argentina
Chenega NCN City Chenega Bay Airport USA
Nicoya NCT City Guanacaste Airport Costa Rica
Mandera NDE City Mandera Airport Kenya
Namorik Atoll NDK City Namorik Atoll Airport Marshall Islands
Ndele NDL City N Dele Airport The Central African Republic
Mendi NDM City Mendi Airport Ethiopia
Corpus Christi NGP Corpus Christi NAS/Truax Field USA
Norfolk NGU Norfolk NS (Chambers Field) USA
Nha Trang NHA City Nha Trang Air Base Airport Vietnam
New Halfa NHF City New Halfa Airport Sudan
Foley NHX City Barin Olf Osn Airport USA
Brunswick NHZ City Brunswick NAS Airport USA
Niamey NIM Custom City Diori Hamani International Airport Niger
Ninilchik NIN City Ninilchik Airport USA
Simberi Island NIS City Simberi Island Airport Papua New Guinea
Nioro du Sahel NIX City Nioro du Sahel Airport Mali
Atsugi NJA City Atsugi Naval Air Facility Airport Japan
Najaf NJF Custom City Al Najaf International Airport Iraq
Nouakchott NKC Custom City Nouakchott International Airport Mauritania
Nankina NKN City Nankina Airport Papua New Guinea
Nkongsamba NKS City Nkongsamba Airport Cameroon
Diego Garcia NKW Diego Garcia Naval Support Facility Airport United Kingdom
Nelson Lagoon NLG City Nelson Lagoon Airport USA
Norfolk Island NLK Custom City Norfolk Island International Airport Australia
Nullagine NLL City Nullagine Airport Australia
Kinshasa NLO Ndolo Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Xinyuan NLT City Xinyuan Nalati Airport China
Nightmute NME City Nightmute Airport USA
Narrabri NAA City Narrabri Airport Australia
Natitingou NAE City Natitingou Airport Benin
Banaina NAF City Banaina Airport Indonesia
Annai NAI City Annai Airport Guyana
Kapolei NAX Kalaeloa Airport USA
Beijing NAY Benjing Nanyuan Airport China
Star Harbour NAZ City Nana Airport Solomon Islands
Nambaiyufa NBA City Nambaiyufa Airport Papua New Guinea
Enfidha NBE City Enfidha - Hammamet International Airport Tunisia
Nabire NBX City Nabire Airport Indonesia
Nice NCE Custom City Nice-Cote d Azur Airport France
Annecy NCY Custom City Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport France
Nouadhibou NDB Custom City Nouadhibou International Airport Mauritania
Nanded NDC City Nanded Airport India
Sumbe NDD City Sumbe Airport Angola
Rundu NDU City Rundu Airport Namibia
Necochea NEC City Necochea Airport Argentina
Sam Neua NEU City Sam Neua Airport Laos
Newcastle NEV City Vance W. Amory International Airport Saint Kitts and Nevis
Young NGA City Young Airport Australia
N Gaoundere NGE Custom City N Gaoundere Airport Cameroon
Kaneohe NGF City Kaneohe Bay MCAS USA
Ngau NGI City Ngau Airport Fiji
Manang NGX City Manang Airport Nepal
Nosara NOB City Nosara Airport Costa Rica
Knock NOC City Ireland West Airport Ireland
Norden NOD City Norddeich Airport Germany
Sinop NOP City Sinop Airport Turkey
Noumea NOU Custom City La Tontouta International Airport France
Nephi NPH City Nephi Municipal Airport USA
Napperby NPP City Napperby Airport Australia
San Pedro de Uraba NPU City San Pedro de Uraba Airport Colombia
Niquelandia NQL City Niquelandia Airport Brazil
Nottingham NQT City Nottingham Airport United Kingdom
Nara NRM City Keibane Airport Mali
Dusseldorf NRN Weeze Airport Germany
Imperial Beach NRS City Imperial Beach NOLF Airport USA
Now Shahr NSH City Now Shahr Airport Iran
Norseman NSM City Norseman Airport Australia
Nelson NSN Custom City Nelson Airport New Zealand
Noosaville NSV City Noosa Airport Australia
Natadola NTA City Natadola Airport Fiji
Nantong NTG Custom City Nantong Xingdong International Airport China
Bintuni NTI City Stenkol Airport Indonesia
Manti/Ephraim NTJ City Manti-Ephraim Airport USA
Newcastle NTL City Williamtown Airport Australia
Wajima NTQ City Noto Airport Japan
Monterrey NTR Del Norte International Airport Mexico
Nador NDR City Nador International Airport Morocco
Sandstone NDS City Sandstone Airport Australia
Nekemte NEK City Nekemte Airport Ethiopia
Lakehurst NEL City Lakehurst NAES / Maxfield Field USA
Neryungri NER City Neryungri Airport Russia
Nargana NGN City Nargana Airport Panama
Shiquanhe NGQ City Elikunsha Airport China
Corpus Christi NGW Cabaniss Field NOLF USA
Patuxent River NHK City Patuxent River NAS (Trapnell Field) USA
Nushki NHS City Nushki Airport Pakistan
Nimba NIA City Nimba Airport Liberia
Nikolai NIB City Nikolai Airport USA
Niau NIU City Niau Airport France
El Centro NJK El Centro NAF Airport USA
Noonkanbah NKB City Noonkanbah Airport Australia
Naukiti Bay NKI City Naukiti Airport USA
Nkaus NKU City Nkaus Airport Lesotho
San Diego NKX Miramar MCAS Airport USA
Nuevo Laredo NLD City Quetzalcoatl International Airport Mexico
Niles NLE City Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport USA
Darnley Island NLF City Darnley Island Airport Australia
Nelspruit NLP City Nelspruit Airport South Africa
Namangan NMA Custom City Namangan Airport Uzbekistan
Fort McMurray NML Mildred Lake Airport Canada
Nakhon Ratchasima NAK City Nakhon Ratchasima Airport Thailand
Nalchik NAL Custom City Nalchik Airport Russia
Namlea NAM City Namlea Airport Indonesia
Nanchong NAO City Nanchong Gaoping Airport China
Puerto Nare NAR City Nare Airport Colombia
Nassau NAS Custom City Lynden Pindling International Airport Bahamas
Wannukandi NBL City San Blas Airport Panama
Nairobi NBO Custom City Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Kenya
Nambour NBR Nambour Airport Australia
Baishan NBS City Changbaishan Airport China
North Caicos NCA City North Caicos Airport United Kingdom
Necocli NCI City Necocli Airport Colombia
Newcastle NCS City Newcastle Airport South Africa
Qiqihar NDG Custom City Qiqihar Airport China
N’Djamena NDJ Custom City N'Djamena International Airport Chad
Nadunumu NDN City Nadunumu Airport Papua New Guinea
Negril NEG City Negril Airport Jamaica
Nejjo NEJ City Nejjo Airport Ethiopia
Jacksonville NEN Whitehouse naval outlying filed USA
New Orleans NEW Lakefront Airport USA
Nogliki NGK City Nogliki Airport Russia
Ngala NGL City Ngala Airport South Africa
Nagoya NGO Custom City Chu-bu Centrair International Airport Japan
Alameda NGZ Naval Air Station Alameda USA
Dubai NHD Al Minhad Air Base Airport United Arab Emirates
Nikunau NIG City Nikunau Airport Kiribati
Niokolo Koba NIK City Niokolo Koba Airport Senegal
Nioki NIO City Nioki Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Beeville NIR City Chase Field Industrial Airport USA
Niort NIT City Niort-Souche Airport France
Nizhnevartovsk NJC Custom City Nizhnevartovsk Airport Russia
Nkan NKA City Nkan Airport Gabon
Nanjing NKG Custom City Nanjing Lukou International Airport China
Nkolo Fuma NKL City Nkolo Fuma Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sirnak NKT City Sirnak Airport Turkey
Lemoore NLC City Lemoore NAS (Reeves Field) USA
Ninglang NLH City Ninglang Luguhu Airport China
Eureka NLN Kneeland Airport USA
Nicholson NLS City Nicholson Airport Australia
Nikolaev NLV Custom City Mykolaiv International Airport Ukraine
Daman NMB City Daman Airport India
New Moon NMP City New Moon Airport Australia
Namu NMU Namu Airport Marshall Islands
Kenitra NNA City Kenitra Airport Morocco
Nanning NNG Custom City Nanning Wuxu International Airport China
Naknek NNK City Naknek Airport USA
Niuatoputapu NTT City Kuini Lavenia Airport Tonga
Numbulwar NUB City Numbulwar Airport Australia

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