City IATA Code Airport Name Country
Faranah FAA City Faranah Airport Guinea
Fort Eustis FAF City Felker Army Airfield USA
Fagurholsmyri FAG City Fagurholsmyri Airport Iceland
Fairbanks FAI Custom City Fairbanks International Airport USA
Farmington FAM City Farmington Regional Airport USA
Frieda River FAQ City Frieda River Airport Papua New Guinea
Fargo FAR City Hector International Airport USA
Fresno FAT Custom City Fresno Yosemite International Airport USA
Fasa FAZ City Fasa Airport Iran
Fresno FCH Fresno Chandler Executive Airport USA
Bringeland FDE City Forde Airport, Bringeland Norway
Fort de France FDF Custom City Martinique Aime Cesaire International Airport France
Findlay FDY City Findlay Airport USA
Fergana FEG Custom City Fergana International Airport Uzbekistan
Fakahina FHZ Fakahina Airport France
Fishers Island FID Elizabeth Field Airport USA
Fillmore FIL City Fillmore Municipal Airport USA
Finschhafen FIN City Finschhafen Airport Papua New Guinea
Five Finger FIV Five Finger CG Airport USA
Fakenham FKH Sculthorp RAF Airport United Kingdom
Grand Canyon FLG Flagstaff Pulliam Airport USA
Flateyri FLI City Holt Airport Iceland
Faaite FAC City Faaite Airport France
Faroe Islands FAE Custom City Vagar Airport Denmark
False Island FAK City False Island Seaplane Base Airport USA
Faro FAO Custom City Faro Airport Portugal
Fayetteville FAY City Fayetteville Regional Airport USA
Faizabad FBD City Fayzabad Airport Afghanistan
Fort Bragg FBG Simmons Army Airfield USA
Fairbanks FBK Ladd Army Airfield USA
Faribault FBL City Faribault Municipal Airport USA
Lubumbashi FBM Custom City Lubumbashi International Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Fairbury FBY City Fairbury Municipal Airport USA
Kalispell FCA City Glacier Park International Airport USA
Ficksburg FCB City Ficksburg Airport South Africa
Colorado Springs FCS Butts Army Airfield USA
Fundacion FDA Fundacion Airport Colombia
Frederick FDR Frederick Regional Airport USA
Feira de Santana FEC City Feira de Santana Airport Brazil
Ferkessedougou FEK City Ferkessedougou Airport Cote D Ivoire
Furstenfeldbruck FEL City Furstenfeldbruck Air Base Airport Germany
Fernando de Noronha FEN City Fernando de Noronha Airport Brazil
Freeport FEP City Albertus Airport USA
Fremont FET City Fremont Municipal Airport USA
Farnborough FAB City Farnborough Airport United Kingdom
Farsund FAN City Farsund Airport Norway
Faskruosfjorour FAS City Faskruosfjorour Airport Iceland
Fakarava FAV City Fakarava Airport France
Francisco Beltrao FBE City Francisco Beltrao Airport Brazil
Roma FCO Custom Rome Fiumicino Airport Italy
Forte Principe da Beira FDB Forte Principe da Beira Airport Brazil
Frederick FDK City Frederick Municipal Airport USA
Bandundu FDU City Bandundu Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Cheyenne FEW Francis E Warren Air Force Base Airport USA
Dayton FFO Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Airport USA
Fderik FGD City Fderik Airport Mauritania
Fox FGL Fox Airport New Zealand
Sierra Vista FHU City Sierra Vista Municipal Airport USA
Fria FIG City Fria Airport Guinea
Fitzroy Crossing FIZ City Fitzroy Crossing Airport Australia
Kisangani FKI Custom City Bangoka International Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Fukui FKJ City Fukui Airport Japan
Flotta Isle FLH City Flotta Isle Airport United Kingdom
Fort Leavenworth FLV City Sherman Army Airfield USA
Flores Island FLW City Flores Airport Portugal
Five Mile FMC City Five Mile Airport USA
Fes FEZ Custom City Fes Saiss Airport Morocco
Kill Devil Hills FFA City First Flight Airport USA
Futaleufu FFU Futaleufu Airfield Chile
Apia FGI Custom Fagali'i Airport Samoa
Kinshasa FIH Custom City N'Djili International Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Baden-Baden FKB City Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport Germany
Fukushima FKS Custom City Fukushima Airport Japan
Falls Creek FLC Falls Creek Airport Australia
Fond Du Lac FLD City Fond Du Lac County Airport USA
Fort Lee FLE Fort Lee Number 1 (Headquarters) Heliport USA
Flensburg FLF City Flensburg-Schaferhaus Airport Germany
Fort Lauderdale FLL Custom City Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport USA
Filadelfia FLM Filadelfia Airport Paraguay
Florianopolis FLN Custom City Hercilio Luz International Airport Brazil
Flippin FLP City Marion County Regional Airport USA
Flat FLT City Flat Airport USA
Finley FLY City Finley Airport Australia
Sibolga FLZ City Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport Indonesia
Formosa FMA Custom City Formosa International Airport Argentina
Kalemie FMI Custom City Kalemie Airport Democratic Republic of the Congo
Funchal FNC Custom City Madeira Airport Portugal
Fane FNE City Fane Airport Papua New Guinea
Florence FLO Florence Regional Airport USA
Fort Meade FME City Tipton Airport USA
Falmouth FMH City Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station Airport USA
Memmingen FMM City Memmingen Airport Germany
Fort Myers FMY City Page Field Airport USA
Fada N'gourma FNG City Fada N'Gourma Airport Burkina Faso
Nimes FNI Custom City Nimes Ales Camargue Cevennes Airport France
Fort Pierce FPR City Treasure Coast International Airport USA
Forli FRL City Forli International Airport Italy
Anchorage FRN Bryant Army Airport USA
Francistown FRW Custom City Francistown International Airport Botswana
Figari FSC Custom City Figari South Corsica Airport France
Sioux Falls FSD Custom City Joe Foss Field Airport USA
Fort Scott FSK City Fort Scott Municipal Airport USA
Fossil Downs Station FSL City Fossil Downs Station Airport Australia
Fort Sheridan FSN City Haley AAF Airport USA
St-Pierre FSP Custom City Saint-Pierre Airport France
Forres FSS City RAF Kinloss United Kingdom
Fort Sumner FSU City Fort Sumner Municipal Airport USA
Futuna Island FTA City Futuna Airport Vanuatu
El Calafate FTE City Comandante Armando Tola International Airport Argentina
Owando FTX City Owando Airport The Republic of Congo
Farmington FMN City Four Corners Regional Airport USA
Munster FMO Custom City Munster Osnabruck International Airport Germany
Fort Madison FMS City Fort Madison Municipal Airport USA
Florence FMU City Florence Municipal Airport USA
Fincha'a FNH City Fincha'a Airport Ethiopia
Fort Collins/Loveland FNL City Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport USA
Foula FOA City Foula Airfield United Kingdom
Foggia FOG City Foggia "Gino Lisa" Airport Italy
Fortaleza FOR Custom City Pinto Martins Fortaleza International Airport Brazil
Frankfurt FRA Custom City Frankfurt Internatonal Airport Germany
Oschersleben FRF City Oschersleben Airport Germany
Farmingdale FRG City Republic Airport USA
Fort Riley FRI City Marshall Army Airfield USA
Feramin FRQ City Feramin Airport Papua New Guinea
Front Royal FRR City Front Royal-Warren County Airport USA
Fritzlar FRZ City Fritzlar Air Base Germany
Fort Smith FSM City Fort Smith Regional Airport USA
Fort Stockton FST City Fort Stockton Pecos County Airport USA

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