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Guangzhou Sunshine handles cranes shipment China to Indonesia
2014-1-14 17:59:02


GUANGZHOU Sunshine International Logistics, the Chinese member of the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC network, recently operated heavy cargo movements from Dafeng port, China to port of Cigarding, Indonesia. 

The cargo consisted of four sets of gantry cranes with its largest piece weighing 148.65 tons with dimensions of 13.65 metres by 9.75 metres by 28 metres. The lightest piece weighed 88 tons with dimensions of 11.65 metres by 11.65 metres by 25 metres. 

Guangzhou Sunshine ensured that the shipment moved despite obstacles of bad weather; a new terminal with few hardware configuration; a minimum depth of water alongside of 3.8 metres; and a crane with a lifting capacity of 500 tons with suspension arm that must not swing from side to side.