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Milk powder shipment scrutinized by China Customs
2014-1-13 18:19:00


China Inspection and Quarantine officials opened and checked each carton in a consignment of almost three thousand boxes of infant milk formula imports from New Zealand.

The initial shipment of specially formulated milk powder for Chinese children by Intramar Freight (NZ) and the U-Freight Group (UFL) was delivered to a client in Shanghai and is now on sale in China.

Iain Dick, managing director of Auckland-based Intramar Freight, said the company had been working on milk powder exports to China “for some time”. 

“The shipment of our first FEU underwent a rigorous examination by CIQ, which opened each and every carton, 2,998 of them, and then physically checked each can inside each carton,” he said.

The three formulas had passed rigorous testing by Chinese authorities and were approved for sale. All milk powder importers must be registered with the Chinese authorities and it has recently been announced that no new registrations will be accepted after May 1.

Beijing is struggling to convince Chinese consumers that locally produced milk powder is safe following the melamine-tainted scandal in 2008 that killed six babies and sickened hundreds of thousands of others. Two people found responsible for adding the poisonous chemical to the formula were sentenced to death in 2009.

The massive interest in imported milk powder has led to the introduction of sales quotas around the world. In Hong Kong, for instance, travellers cannot carry more than two tins of infant formula across the border into Shenzhen at a time. 

Dick said importers of baby formula were also being buoyed by the recent news that China's long-standing one-child policy may be relaxed by the Chinese leadership in a bid to bolster the country's future workforce and support the funding of its social services in an ageing China.

“Orders placed via the website of our client, Diamond Milk Formulas, are automatically transferred to U-Freight for pick , pack and despatch.”

“Shipments depart from New Zealand and are received into U-Freight’s ultra-modern facility in Shanghai under our direct control to guarantee dedicated handling,” he said.

The Taimana stage 1, 2 and 3 milk powder formula has been scientifically developed specifically for Chinese children by Diamond Milk Formulas based in Queenstown, New Zealand, and a registered exporter with New Zealand Food Safety Authority.