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Seabay add online service--LIVE 800
2013-4-28 16:37:06


  May i help you?


  -------To better serve our potential customers, website visitors, we have set up an online services Chat system, LIVE800.

We will have our staffs on duty in the evening, and even after midnight (Beijing Time) to give you instant online consultancy.


To better understand your demand, please feel free to give you as much as possible information about your cargo, like volume, weight, port(city) of original, port (city) of destination, by air, by sea, description of goods, ect. The more information we have, the better solution we will be able to give you, and the more accurate quotation we can work out for you.


Of course, you can keep your suppliers and your own information from us except your email through which we will be able to send quotation to you.


Our online services are not limited to logistics services, we can help you verify your suppliers, help you trace and track your cargo, help you with free information of china customs and CIQ requirement.

Please remember to input your conact information after you Chat with our staffs, otherwise, we cannot follow up your inquiry.



Here are some more information about LIVE CHAT SYSTEM


Live Chat Clivent

The client-side application is built around common UI paradigms in order to facilitate fast ramp-up time. The interface includes customization capabilities and is described by users as "easy to learn," "with an intuitive layout," and "simple to use." The Windows .Net client is the most robust UI and supports the most user customization. You can filter the view of chats/calls/emails/SMS texts to see just those assigned to you, past items (by day or date), those with notes, flagged items, and more. Using the column chooser you can also select what information about each you want to see. Items can be grouped in the grid view using the group-by box and the interaction area is drag and drop customizable to support side by side tab viewing. Customization of grids, columns, and the workspace are persisted for agents.


Proactive chat

Proactive chat is the ability to target a website visitor and then, using visual cues and coordinated sound effects, to deliberately invite that visitor to engage in a live chat interaction. The invitation can be an image or a small chat window with a custom message that says, for example, "Questions? I'm available for chat!" Invitations can be made manually - with the user determining which invitation to send and to which visitor - or automatically through the implementation of one or more rules. Live800 has been a leader in proactive chat for years. If you aren't using it, you're missing conversations, leads, and conversions.


Automatic reply

When many visitors request chats and the website visiting capacity is high, the customer service operator can open the automatic reply function. The user can automatically accept the requested chats through setting the automatic reply over time. But it's necessary to know that if several customer service operators start the function with the same overtime setting, the system will distribute the operators at random. At the same time, the customer service operator can appoint the automatic sending of welcome messages to visitors after the chat begins. Generally speaking, they always send some welcome or greeting messages to the visitors in this window. The welcome words set by different operators will not influence each other. In order to reduce the workload and enhance the service quality, the customer service operator can set the automatic sending of messages to the unanswered visitors after the appointed time. The messages can be self-defined. Auto-reply is a personal setting. The operator can set his or her own auto-reply time and auto-reply messages.